Apleona as a multi-service provider for corporates

The requirements for managing corporate real estate are evolving. Many companies are faced with the constant challenge of adapting their real estate portfolios to volatile economic developments and rapidly changing organisational models. In addition, many users of corporate real estate want their spaces and tenancy agreements to be more flexibly designed, and there is growing demand for solutions such as “coworking” and “pay as you use”. Corporates are therefore requiring much more flexibility in the provision of real estate, more scope for the repurposing of their spaces, and more transparency and cost and space efficiency in their real estate portfolios.

Dr Daniel Häußermann, CEO of Apleona GVA, explained how Apleona is responding to the increased demand for flexibility and transparency in corporate real estate portfolios in his presentation at the Real Estate Industry Winter Conference at the Technical University of Darmstadt on 2 November. He kicked off by discussing the outsourcing of corporate real estate management to an external service provider. By combining interdisciplinary expertise, for example in letting, sales and property management, energy consulting, and workplace concepts, Apleona can significantly improve the flexibility and transparency in corporate real estate portfolios at the same time as the cost efficiency. Apleona also makes allowance for new requirements for lease accounting, such as the IFRS 16 standard, without the customer having to build up their own expertise at great expense.

Please find more details about our services for corporates on: http://www.realestate.apleona.de/dienstleistungen/corporate-solutions/.

If you have questions about our service for corporate real estate, please contact Paul Blijham, Head of Corporate Solutions at Apleona GVA, paul.blijham*Den Text zwischen den * loeschen, dies ist ein Spamschutz*@apleona.com.