Apleona uses digital reception services from Essentry at major customers

By offering fully automated access administration for buildings – ranging from digital invitations to online check-in to ID verification of visitors on site and other additional services such as security briefings – Apleona aims to offer its customers greater savings along with increased security at the reception and briefings for visitors to their properties. To this end, the real estate service provider operating throughout Europe has entered into a strategic partnership with the Berlin-based proptech company Essentry.

The Essentry technology does not require any physical presence on site and also goes far beyond just visitor administration. Like at an airport, preregistered visitors can optionally be authenticated using QR codes sent in advance combined with an ID or passport check and possibly facial recognition. At guest terminals in the entrance areas, guest IDs are provided in printed or digital form for smartphones. In addition, any necessary security instructions or currently coronavirus measures, such as taking the guest’s temperature and asking health questions, can be carried out there before access is granted. The hosts are automatically informed of the authenticated and checked-in guest, and information such as the meeting point and directions to it are shared digitally.

The aim of the strategic partnership is to offer Apleona customers with high security requirements a state-of-the-art solution that provides more services and security for both customers and their visitors while also reducing costs, explains Dr. Michael Lange, CDO of Apleona. “For Apleona, Essentry represents another component in our modular digital ecosystem, which combines in-house digital developments and partner products in tailored packages of solution for customers.” One major customer of Apleona from the food industry has already decided to start using Essentry’s technology at its production and office locations from 2021.

Dr. Dennis Lips, founder and CEO of Essentry, comments: “The strategic partnership with Apleona, as one of Europe’s leading real estate service providers, will help us achieve our ambitious growth targets and accelerate the digitalization of reception services on the market.”