Apleona Digitalization Strategy

The systematic and increasingly automated collection, compilation, and analysis of real estate industry and user-specific data will form the basis of our range of services in the future.

As one of the leading real estate service providers in Europe, the development of digital solutions is therefore a key element of Apleona’s business development.

In addition to client solutions, our digitalization initiatives also include the optimization and simplification of internal processes, and not least communication and collaboration with our customers and business partners via social networks.

The establishment of the completely cloud-based, variable digital platform Apleona Ecosystem, which ensures the integration of many more data-based solutions and processes, is the core element in this process. It will successively allow even smaller individual solutions to be integrated effectively into this platform and the data acquired from properties, facilities, and users to be used intelligently and exploited as new services or products.

And This Is Our Approach

  • Apleona concentrates its resources on contributing its core competence as market leader for real estate services. The aim is the fast, market-ready development of sector-specific solutions with partners, which are flexibly tailored to customer requirements, but also scalable, meaning that no stand-alone solutions are developed
  • For this reason, Apleona uses existing technologies from leading development partners such as IBM and adapts them for user applications and customer solutions
  • By involving customers in the initial and development processes, it is ensured that developments do not disregard customer requirements or the market
  • Development is primarily advanced together with Apleona’s large corporate customers because their portfolio size and their demands promise a rapid rate of development
  • Apleona constantly monitors the market for IoT and proptechs and their developments in order to identify potential solutions early on, to adapt them, and to use them to gain a competitive edge

Development Partnership with IBM

In April 2018, Apleona concluded a development partnership with IBM for digital and cloud-based applications in real estate management. The aim is to develop operational applications together with IBM and major customers, to test them live in portfolios managed by Apleona, and to then roll them out to all customers as standard applications.

Digital Customer Solutions

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Digital Solutions

CEO Interview

Read the interview that the trade journal immobilienmanager conducted with Dr. Jochen Keysberg about Apleona’s digitalization offensive here


Our digitalization offensive will make Apleona faster, better and bigger.

Dr. Jochen Keysberg, CEO

IBM Watson Center Munich & Cebit 2018

Development Partnership with IBM

Apleona and IBM also present jointly developed digital solutions together, for example at CeBIT 2018 and Expo Real 2018

More about the Partnership

IBM Watson Center