Facility Management

Apleona delivers energy optimized operating concepts and innovative services from a single source for real estate, properties and industry. Apleona Facility Management's 17,000 employees are the foundation of our reliable service delivery. With their creative ideas, the commitment they demonstrate every day and their passion, they work hard for the success of Apleona's customers. Premium service delivery is not, however, the achievement of people, but of personalities. All of our employees approach the properties that have been entrusted to us with open eyes and open ears and, with innovative solutions, generate real value added that impresses the customer.

Our core business is the operation and optimization of real-estate properties and processes. Improved operating procedures, trouble-free plant technology, growing energy efficiency (certified in accordance with DIN EN ISO 50001) - Apleona Facility Management has the right solutions for these requirements from companies and public facilities.

Our business lines

We offer the following business lines through Apleona Facility Management:

Integrated facility management

Apleona is a leader in the premium operation of complex real-estate properties. The company relies on an integrated approach in close collaboration with the customer. Technical, infrastructural and commercial facility management as well as consulting services are combined in a targeted manner to allow for the greatest possible value creation for the client. Within an individual general concept, internal and external resources are optimized, a uniform and reliable data basis is created. Complex processes, reporting and quality management are also standardized.

  • Technical facility management
  • infrastructural facility management
  • commercial facility management
  • FM consulting

Production and processes

Industrial locations are complex properties. Many primary and secondary processes with extensive interactions are in play here. Today, in our world of globalized competition, a company must invest everything it has in the quality of its products and, thus, in its core competences. To ensure that the production-related processes can withstand this focus, Apleona HSG Facility provides its support as a value-adding partner.

We are the central point of contact for all technical services with a broad range of requirements. This differentiates us from the traditional facility management service provider; Apleona HSG Facility Management can do more. We focus our attention not only on specific details, but also work to maintain a comprehensive overview.

We recognize interfaces that are critical to success in production and, with our technical competence, develop holistic local solutions with a high degree of self delivery. With this all-encompassing service range, valuable optimization and synergy potentials can be tapped into for our customers.

  • Industrial services
  • maintenance
  • process optimization
  • sensitive environments


Electricity, water, gas, heating and cooling - the demands for a seamless and cost-efficient supply of energy in real estate and industrial properties are extensive. CO2 emissions from buildings and production facilities have a significant impact on the operating costs of real-estate properties and are an important competitive factor, especially in terms of their marketing. Apleona has decades of experience in this area and develops solutions that are both sustainable and efficient for its customers in order to further optimize their energy management.

  • Energy management
  • energy contracting
  • energy consulting

Add-on services

The demands that are placed on Apleona's facility management are as diverse as the businesses its customers operate in. For this reason, Apleona primarily sees itself as a solutions manager: As a lateral thinker and facilitator in the FM industry, no task is too small and no challenge is too exotic. The scope ranges from data center management and operation of high-availability facilities through to lifecycle solutions, event management, catering and marketing services and also includes the provision of locations telecommunication solutions as well as construction, technology and engineering services.

  • Data center management
  • lifecycle solutions
  • event management
  • catering
  • communications services
  • locations
  • telecommunications
  • construction and technology engineers

Locations Facility Management

We operate with the same level of quality in Warsaw, London or Madrid as we do in Munich or Berlin. Portfolios that cover multiple countries are managed by Facility Management International Corporate Clients. 

We are there where and when you need us with our expertise and our experienced teams.

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