Sustainability report 2022 published

Apleona published its Sustainability Report 2022 on 16 November.

As in previous years, the report provides information on current developments, implemented measures and targets along the four pillars of sustainability: economic, social, environmental and governance. The report provides a comprehensive insight into Apleona's sustainability strategy and is aimed at all relevant stakeholders: Clients, investors, financial market participants and our employees.

The content of the Status Report will be reviewed in the coming years. In 2025, Apleona will be subject to the Corporate Sustainability Directive. The new European reporting standard replaces the previous reporting standard CSR-RUG (Non-Financial Reporting Directive; CSR Directive Implementation Act) and will therefore also be mandatory for Apleona. The introduction of a uniform and legally binding reporting standard at European level will significantly improve sustainability reporting and put it on an equal footing with financial reporting. The implementation of the reporting standard is already underway - under the leadership of the Sustainability Department - and will be one of the top priorities for 2024.

Given the international nature of our customers and our business, the 2022 Sustainability Report will be published in English only.

The 2023 Status Report will also reflect the acquisition of the Gegenbauer Group. There will be no separate report for Gegenbauer for 2022.