Coronavirus: Together and well informed through the crisis

Not everyone is able to work from home, this also affects many of our colleagues in the facility management sector. Our respect goes in particular to them who show full commitment on site at the customer's premises, even if it’s difficult in view of COVID-19. Being informed, careful and supporting each other with regard to the current hygiene regulations is a top priority. Together we will overcome this crisis!

All important information and sources about COVID-19 at a glance

In Germany, the number of people infected with the coronavirus continues to increase. The aim of the current measures is therefore to slow down the spread of the virus. The fewer people are infected at the same time, the better severely ill patients can be treated, because the health system as a whole is not overburdened.

Many people have long been overloaded with the flood of information and news. There is a lot of good information and serious sources on the Internet - but unfortunately there is also a lot of false information circulating. In addition, the state of knowledge changes practically daily and especially serious scientists openly say that they cannot give reliable answers to all questions at the moment. Serious sources can be found below!

Use only serious sources

From the very beginning, Apleona has relied on the current and reliable sources of the Robert Koch Institute, the Ministry of Health and the Federal Centre for Health Education. You should do the same. Here we have listed some sources for you, from which you can safely obtain new information about the coronavirus.

What you can do

We have created banners for our colleagues for the e-mail signature with our central behavior and hygiene instructions. Again and again customers and business partners ask whether they may also use the banner. This is allowed, of course! You can download the e-mail banner on the right side. This can then be linked in the e-mail signature with useful hygiene instructions, for example

You can use your reach on social networks to promote discipline and compliance with rules of conduct and hygiene.

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Please pay attention to the topicality of the contents when posting and only link to serious sources (see above!).