Süddeutscher Verlag, Munich

Best Practice / Interior Fitout / drywall construction

A modern and architecturally challenging new construction in Munich-Steinhausen was the solution to the space restrictions in the city center.

The new building complex, constructed close to the publishing house’s existing printer, is made up of an architecturally distinctive building, a low-rise building as well as an atrium that is flooded with light and forms the communicative entrance area at 24.3m wide and with an impressive height of 23.5m. The imposing construction with its raised glass facade offers 51,000m2 of highly modern working space for 1,850 employees.

Airiness and transparency continue inside. The planning specification for the interior fittings was functionality while meeting with high noise and fire protection requirements. With the range of solution options offered by modern drywall construction, implementing customer requests is no problem. 

Key figures for the project


  • Gewers Kühn + Kühn, Berlin, Germany

R&M Services:

  • 34,000m2
    plasterboard construction as walls, facing shells, ceilings, partitions, ventilation units and facade connections
  • 12,000m2
    object-specific ceiling sail with noise absorbing properties and integrated lighting
  • 11,000m2
    metal ceiling in corridors, primarily F30 and F90
  • 4.000 m²
    special ceilings made from expanded metal and ceilings with textile or foil covering

Locations Interior Fitout

Apleona R&M Ausbau has locations in Hamburg, Berlin, Bremen, Hanover, Leipzig, Düsseldorf, Marburg, Saarbrücken, Frankfurt, Mannheim, Nuremberg, Dingolfing, Stuttgart and Munich as well as in Luxembourg. 

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