Apleona HSG qualifies employees for work in data centers in its own training center

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Apleona HSG is significantly expanding its business for the technical operation of data centers. The company is using a special qualification program in its own training center to develop employees into specialists for technical facility management in data centers. The employees should be aware of what needs to be done in any given situation and be in a position to react in a routine manner.

Nearly 70 percent of all malfunctions in data centers are attributable to human error. This is due, among other things, to the particular demands that the data centers place on the technical expertise of the facility manager. Apleona HSG is already working successfully with a structured risk management concept designed for the operation of critical technical systems. This ensures the maximum possible level of reliability for the systems. Employees that the company assigns to its customers’ data centers are qualified accordingly. At the company’s own training center in Frankfurt am Main, participants not only deepen their expert knowledge, they also train the routine handling of all technical systems, both during regular operations and in the case of a malfunction. In addition to the basic knowledge needed for the operation of data centers, specialist knowledge in the areas of air-conditioning and ventilation, emergency power supply, security technology and safety lighting is also taught. 

Apleona HSG places particular emphasis on the comprehension of specialized technical terms in data centers so that the facility manager and the customer can react quickly, flexibly and on equal footing as the situation requires and without communication issues. Inter-dependencies between the special system technology and the processes in a data center are also trained. To this end, the training center has its own technical equipment on which various technical processes as well as errors, malfunctions and failures can be realistically simulated.

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