Apleona pools businesses in Switzerland

From January 1, 2022, Apleona in Switzerland will transfer all facility management and real estate management services into a single company. Apleona HSG AG and Apleona Real Estate AG will become Apleona Switzerland Ltd. The new company will be managed by Michael Rohner (CEO), Markus Faber (COO, Facility Management), Thomas Scheiber (COO, Facility Management) and Sabrina Hauser (COO, Real Estate Management). The legal merger will be concluded during spring 2022.

According to CEO Michael Rohner, the merger will strengthen Apleona’s market position in Switzerland: “By pooling the synergies of resources and know-how, we will combine the best of facility management and real estate management, increase our vertical integration, and thus offer our customers even greater added value.”

More than 1,400 employees will work for the future Apleona Switzerland Ltd. at 13 locations in Switzerland.