Apleona limits risk of infection in day-to-day office operations with digital solution

  • Contact notification for office users in event of possible infection risk
  • Needs-driven adjustment of cleaning and disinfection of risk areas and contact surfaces

Effective immediately, using its internally developed digital solution, Apleona is reducing the risk of office users becoming infected with COVID-19 on returning from working at home to their usual place of work. Simply by scanning a QR code, users check in and out of the areas they use, thereby allowing the fast identification of contact chains so that other users of the same premises can be quickly informed about a potential risk of infection. Moreover, the digital solution facilitates the targeted cleaning and disinfection of frequently used rooms and contact surfaces, which also minimizes the risk of infection within an office building.

Easy-to-use with QR codes and cell phone camera
The Apleona software relies on all the users of an office building taking part on their own responsibility, and is very easy to use. Users are merely required to check in and check out by using the camera function on their smartphones to scan green or red stickers with QR codes affixed at workstations, offices, or social areas. “Green stickers” are for “checking in,” “red stickers” for “checking out.” This allows the recording of occupancy and movement data, and contact tracking, within an office building. This way, all users can be informed quickly and efficiently in the event of a potential infection, thereby immediately breaking the infection chain.

The software is hardware-independent, GDPR-compliant, and does not require the installation of an app on users’ phones – the camera function alone is sufficient. Purely anonymous use is also possible. Users are informed of any potential infection risk the next time they check in. Registration with a personal e-mail address makes the process even faster and more direct. If a person showing symptoms of COVID-19 or a potentially infected person is reported among the office users, all registered users who were in the same room as that person at the same time are informed immediately by e-mail.

Proactive disinfection of frequently used areas
The detailed collection of usage data also allows for better, needs-driven management of cleaning and disinfection services, especially for frequently used areas and contact surfaces, in order to proactively disrupt infection chains. A much more effective response is also possible in the event of an actual orsuspected COVID-19 infection, for example, rooms and surfaces can be closed for further use, and corresponding countermeasures such as disinfection can be initiated.

“The development of our digital solution is already complete. It has been tested and is in use in Apleona’s head office. The investment cost and implementation expense are relatively low, which means that this software can be a key component in sensible office working in times of COVID-19, and can become part of the new normal for our customers’ offices,” says Apleona’s CEO, Dr. Jochen Keysberg, of the potential of the new digital solution.

Here is a film about the latest Apleona innovation.