Apleona Carries Out Technical Services for Uniper Hydropower Plants

Uniper Kraftwerke GmbH has commissioned Apleona with maintaining and inspecting turbines, generator systems, water transportation systems, power distribution and all technical building installations at its hydropower plants and weirs in Germany. Overall, this covers more than 100 facilities and power plants for renewable hydroelectric power generation on the Danube, Iller, Isar, Lech, Loisach, and Main rivers, as well as the pumped storage in Langenprozelten and Edertal in Hesse.

The collaboration also includes support in the event of major disruption or flooding, with the power plants and weirs staffed 24 hours a day. Apleona provides up to 240 specially trained and qualified flood assistants for this who ensure that water continues to drain safely and that all systems continue to operate smoothly despite flooding and flotsam in the rivers.

Standard operations are maintained by 80 technicians and electricians specialized in power plant and turbine technology.
Uniper is a regular customer of Apleona and has renewed the current contract for another three years until 2025. It also agreed to expand the scope of services provided.

When the contract was signed on May 5 at Lake Kochel (Bavaria), the representative from Uniper Kraftwerke GmbH, Dr. Klaus Engels, thanked COO Dr. Gert W. Riegel for the good collaboration and in particular for the Apleona team’s “valuable support” in preventing major disruption following flooding: “We are happy to have Apleona by our side, not only as a skilled and capable technical partner but also as an experienced crisis manager who we can rely on in operations and for flood protection.”

Apleona’s COO Dr. Gert W. Riegel: “In many ways, Uniper is a special customer with very specific challenges. In essence, however, like all of our industrial customers it comes down to technical expertise and the great commitment of our team. Renewing the contract is thus both an honor and motivation for us at the same time.”