Digital Customer Solutions

If you consider the mass of data that can already be generated virtually in real time from properties and about users and their behavior, you can understand the desire on the part of many of our customers to use existing technological means to develop and implement data-driven products and services.

This means:

  • More modern, better-quality service for users in managed properties (keywords here are speed and usability, i.e. more, faster, and better service, such as through user apps)
  • Greater transparency with regard to our service provision and performance (e.g. via customer cockpits for controlling, compliance with SLAs/KPIs, and thus potential new contractual models)
  • Product innovations to reduce the workload in the core business (e.g. in security and reception services) or for portfolio management and optimization (energy management, workplace management, data-based maintenance and upkeep strategies)

General efficiency, i.e. more and better service for the same or lower cost, both for our customers and for us as a service provider.

All digital customer solutions will be available via the cloud-based, variable digital platform Apleona Ecosystem in the future. It will allow data acquired from properties, facilities, and users to be used intelligently for effective and modern real estate management.

There are already many digital solutions and approaches in the Apleona Group that are being tested or are already in operation in the portfolios, properties, and facilities we manage.

Dr. Michael Lange
An der Gehespitz 50
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