Status Report on Sustainability 2021

Apleona published its status report on sustainability in June 2022. In this report, Apleona provides information on 22 individual sustainability topics, which have been divided into the three main groups of economy, ecology and social issues for a better overview.

The so-called non-financial reporting is becoming increasingly important and describes the impact of business operations on economic, environmental and socio-cultural aspects. The following terms are often used in this context:

  • Sustainability
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Environment Social Governance

Since 2018, Apleona has already been publishing its entire sustainability reporting transparently on its website so that employees, customers, suppliers, banks, non-governmental organizations or the professional public can obtain comprehensive information.

Apleona strives to reduce the resource consumption of its business operations worldwide. To this end, data is collected annually at the 136 sites existing in 2021, which acquire new customers or support existing customers in the regions independently of orders. A total of just under 3,500 employees work there (17% of all employees). The report does not take into account order-related customer sites such as offices in shopping centers, nursing homes, hospitals, on factory or plant premises, etc.).

Through numerous measures, Apleona has been able to steadily improve occupational safety in recent years.

In the area of socio-cultural aspects, the report contains a great deal of additional information on the topics of increasing the attractiveness of the workplace, employee diversity, the proportion of women in management positions or social commitment.