Apleona Takes On Hard Services for Public Buildings in Berlin

BIM Berliner Immobilienmanagement GmbH (BIM) has commissioned Apleona to provide hard services for 28 properties in the state of Berlin. The properties are used as a tax office and administrative office as well as by the Berlin Senate Department for Education and the Berlin Police. They cover a total floor area of 283,000 m². A corresponding agreement was signed through November 2026. The six-month implementation phase starts on September 1, 2021, and regular operations will begin on December 1, 2021.

The company was commissioned following negotiations with a preliminary call for tenders featuring six lots by BIM, with Apleona winning two lots. The services agreed upon include all technical installations, chiefly the maintenance and repair of technical building systems, energy management, fire safety, property management and a 24/7 emergency service.

About Berliner Immobilienmanagement GmbH
As the real estate service provider for the state of Berlin, BIM Berliner Immobilienmanagement GmbH is in charge of more than 5,000 buildings and plots. Its responsibilities include managing, developing and leasing them as well as carrying out physical maintenance work. BIM’s more than 700 employees also advise governments and administrations on the sustainable use of state property and so the company bears special responsibility for helping shape the growing metropolis that is Berlin.