Shaftesbury Theatre, London, Großbritannien

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Shaftesbury Theatre is one of the most prestigious theaters in London’s West End. Built in 1911, until its modernization the theater’s capacity was far too low due to structural restrictions. Thanks to work supported by GVA Acuity’s London team, the historic theater was given a new fly loft, creating urgently needed space for additional cloakrooms and offices.

The GVA team, together with the architects and construction company involved, received the British Building Award in November 2016 for the exemplary modernization of the theater.

Mike Cook, Senior Project Manager at GVA Acuity and responsible for the management of the project: “The work on Shaftesbury Theatre was a joy, particularly because of the close and trusting cooperation with the architect and the foreman. We implemented a whole series of different procurement methods to manage a project with significant logistical challenges and at the same time keep closure time for the theater to a minimum. The results are really spectacular. I am proud of the new, widely visible icon in our capital’s skyline, which our team contributed to.

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