Apleona equips new building for University of Hamburg institute with building technology

Apleona Wolfferts Gebäudetechnik has been tasked with installing refrigeration, sanitation and ventilation systems at the University of Hamburg’s new Institute of Earth Sciences and Climate Research. The ‘Haus der Erde’, as the new building is called, is being built directly adjacent to the Institute of Geography on the university’s ‘Bundesstrasse’ campus in the Eimsbüttel area of the city. The client is GMH | Gebäudemanagement Hamburg GmbH, which is undertaking the construction project on behalf of the City of Hamburg. The volume of the order is in the double-digit million range.

During the work, Apleona’s building technology specialists will equip the new building of around 22,000 square metres with four refrigerators and install partial air conditioning systems with an air volume totalling 270,000 m3/h on the roof of the building. The Institute’s nearly 9,000 square metre laboratory poses particular challenges for the building technology. Here, special air extraction systems, or fume hoods, will be installed at over 100 workstations to extract chemical gases, as will a water treatment and waste-water system for laboratory operations. Moreover, only technical equipment made of non-corrosive materials will be installed on account of the research work involving large quantities of seawater. The installation of the building technology is expected to be completed by the end of 2018.

After the building’s scheduled completion in 2019, the Haus der Erde will house seven institutes from the Department of Earth Sciences as well as the Research Unit Sustainability and Global Change, the Centre for Science and Peace Research and the Institute for Hydrobiology and Fisheries Science.

Apleona Wolfferts, with headquarters in Cologne and locations throughout Germany, is part of the real estate and industrial services provider Apleona and offers a full portfolio of services in all disciplines relating to technical plant construction. The service range includes design, project planning and implementation as well as service concepts for the maintenance and servicing of the plants constructed. The company with around 600 employees is one of the leading providers of building technology services in Germany.