FoodPRINT Awarded Accolade for Caterer of the Year

Apleona HSG Culinaress has received the 2018 award for Caterer of the Year in the Best Concept category for its climate-friendly concept FoodPRINT. The crucial factor for the decision of the jury from Cooking + Catering inside magazine was the fact that FoodPRINT is helping to reduce CO2 emissions in food preparation and promote awareness of climate-friendly food.

Holger Hartmann, Managing Director of Apleona HSG Culinaress: “We are proud to play a pioneering role among German catering companies in terms of climate-friendly food preparation. Our commitment has now been recognized with the award; the entire team at Apleona HSG Culinaress is thrilled about it.”

FoodPRINT labels the CO2emissions of the set menus and meals prepared in the cafeterias and company restaurants operated by Apleona with a small green footprint. This increases the transparency in terms of sustainable and organic food and the awareness of sustainability and the environment. Currently, approximately 16 tonnes of CO2 are emitted in Germany every year. Three tonnes of this result from food alone. According to calculations, almost 70% of all emissions in 2050 will be caused by agriculture and livestock.

The calculation of the CO2 emissions identified by FoodPRINT is based on scientific data from the Swiss partner company eaternity. Armin Pilger, responsible for procurement at Apleona HSG Culinaress, says: “We have found a way for FoodPRINT to connect the eaternity database with the ERP system at Apleona HSG Culinaress. Our team put a lot of development work and blood, sweat and tears into this.”

Apleona currently looks after around 50 company restaurants across Germany. FoodPRINT has already been successfully implemented in the cafeterias of public authorities and companies in the textile and transport industries.